Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday afternoon thoughts...

Alright it's Monday afternoon and "Family Day" here in Ontario for most people (by most people, I mean almost everyone but me!).    Some interesing news coming over the inter-net thing...AJ Burnett has been traded by the Yankees to the Pirates...the talented Burnett gets shipped from a contending team to a team that seems to be perpetually terrible (anyone remember when they had a championship team...that was the pre-steroid Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonillia) since the mid-90s.   The Yankee's received a couple of prospects - but really, I think the team had enough of Burnett and his underachieving ways.   The Yankees have agreed to take on a large part of Burnett's rather handsome salary.   You can read more here.

Tommy Hanson was involved in a one-car accident Monday morning.  He blew a tire and hit his head.   Lucky for the Atlanta Braves that one of their top starting pitchers didn't start the season on the disabled list...still, you have to wonder if the car accident is a sign of things to come for Hanson this season.  

The Yankee's kept busy after trading Burnett by signing Raul Ibanez to a one year contract.   The aging Ibanez will likely serve as a left handed DH for the Yankees, and fill in for the other aging wonders on this Yankee's roster (yeah - I'm talking about A-Rod and Jeter). 

The Washington Nationals have pretty much confirmed that Stephan Strasburg won't be pitching more than 160 innings this season.  This shouldn't be surprising since the 160 inning cap was also placed on fellow National's starter Jordon Zimmerman when he returned from Tommy John surgery.  

After taking part in some mock are some players I see that are going way to early:

  • Bryce Harper - will likely start in the minors for the Nationals - very slim change of making opening day roster.
  • Brett Lawrie - I've seen Lawrie taken ahead of Alex Rodriguez AND Evan Longoria.  This shouldn't happen especially for a 3B with a small sample size. 
  • Matt Moore - he's started 1 game for the Tampa Bay Rays but it seems that expectations are high for Moore.

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