Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Run Down

Both the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues have started their Spring Trainings games, with most teams running their starting pitchers out for 2 innings or so.   Among the notable starters who pitched this weekend:

Stephen Strasburg: gave up a homer to the Astro's Cory Snyder;
Roy Halladay: gave up a homer to the Yankee's Alex Rodriguez;

Cory Hart joins the growing list of injured players.  The Milwalkee Brewers have lost their OF for 4 weeks.  Given the loss of Prince Fielder to the Detroit Tigers via free agencies, it's not a good sign that the Brewers are losing Hart.  Hopefully he makes the start fo the season.   Speaking of the Brewers, Ryan Braun was taunted by fans in his spring training debut.  He was 0-2 with two strikeouts in the spring debut, but clearly some fans are out there to get Braun.   Reports of "cheater" chants are coming in.

It was good to have some spring training ball on TV this weekend.  I watched a bit of the Yankees/Phillies game and watched A-Rod launch his bomb against Roy Halladay.   Looking forward to Yu Darvish to make his spring training debut this week for the Texas Rangers.  

Between now and the start of the MLB season, postings on this blog may be erractic at times.  All of my important drafts are taking place mid to late March, meaning I will be focusing my attention to drafting the best teams possible. 

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